Saturday, 22 July 2017

Bamboo Basmathi Briyani @ Kajang, Selangor

My brother and I are Briyani lovers and the in thing now is this Bamboo Briyani concept and there are a number of restaurants that have started serving this dish. It is typically Briyani that is partially cooked in Bamboos and that gives it a unique flavour. Having heard of another place that had recently opened in Sungai Chua, we decided to head over this afternoon. 

The Stall Located Inside This Food Court

The Stall Located Right At The End

Three Varieties
Bamboo Basmathi Briyani is a stall that is located inside of Pearl Avenue Corner which is a typical Chinese food court. This stall is located right at the end. What surprised me was that there were no customers and they were typically just sitting down unlike the rest of the stalls. One reason could be that since it's new, not many actually know about them or the only other reason that I can think of is that it really isn't up to the mark. The only way to know would be to give it a try. They had Chicken, Mutton and Prawn Briyani and these were priced at RM 12.00 , RM 14.00 and RM 15.00 respectively. There were some bamboos on the counter and that convinced me that it was actually Bamboo Briyani. Happily, we ordered two varieties of Briyani and waited for our meals. 

Prawn Briyani @ RM 15.00
In two to three minutes, the dishes were served and guess what, there was no sign of Bamboos. When I had asked them wheres there Bamboo, the girl answered that it's only for decoration and nothing else. Come on, that's serious misrepresentation when you're marketing it on Facebook as Bamboo Briyani. Moreover, one look at the dish and I knew that this was a huge mistake. 

Nasi Minyak Topped With Prawn Masala
The rice was typically Nasi Minyak which wasn't even close to the real Nasi Minyak taste wise. It just looked like some Basmathi rice that had been coloured yellow. They had added a few pieces of Masala Prawns on the rice along with a hard boiled egg. If I were to rate their rice, it would only give it 3/10 and the Masala Prawns 6/10. 

Mutton Curry
Both the sets came with the above Mutton Curry and truly this was the most watery tasteless curry that I have ever tasted. There was a big bone in it and that's it. The curry tasted so flat and it was even scary to look at. I kept thinking if I was going to fall sick after consuming this. Totally horrible stuff and I would only give 4/10 for this. 

Chicken Briyani @ RM 12.00
Similarly, this Chicken Briyani set came with the same yellow coloured rice, some Chicken Perattal, Long Beans Perattal, an Egg, that very same Mutton Curry and Raita. I don't want to get started on the rice and the curry since I had already mentioned it earlier and so I'll skip that part. 

The Chicken Perattal was a serious disaster. It was too dry, insufficient spices and tasted very bland. My rating for this shall only be 2/10. 

Long Beans & Onion Raita
Their Long Beans Perattal was nice. It tasted very much like home cooked food and the Onion Raita was decent. I think they should skip this whole Briyani idea and concentrate solely on dishes. I would rate this Long Beans Perattal at 8/10 and Onion Raita at 7/10. 

Everyone is talking about Bamboo Briyani these days and this Bamboo Basmathi Briyani Stall is the latest one to open in Kajang but, it is a serious case of misrepresentation as there was no bamboo in sight. They had a few on the counter just for show. Otherwise, the food itself is not cooked in bamboo's. Moreover, it wasn't even actual Briyani. It was not even Nasi Minyak. It's just some yellow coloured rice served with some chicken and prawn. Even those chicken and prawn were quite bland. As much as I feel sorry for these people, I have to say that this was a disaster. Now I know why there were no customers at their stall despite it being lunch hours. 

Address: Jalan Pasir Emas, Taman Berjaya, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 1700 Daily