Sunday, 8 April 2018

D' Cafe & Catering Services @ Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur

This morning, I was in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur for a meeting and once done, I was looking around for. place to have breakfast. That was when I came across this food court that is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Wisma Sun Life Malaysia which many years ago used to be known as Wisma Maran. 

Entrance To The Food Court 

The Menu
It was a relatively huge food court but sadly, there was only one operator there. It is definitely good that they are running it like a canteen but having had more operators would only mean more food choices. The breakfast spread was the typical choices. Noodles, Nasi Lemak etc and they seemed to be very reasonably priced. This place is pretty much a self service canteen and that applies to even the drinks pick up. 

Teh Ais @ RM 1.50

Fried Kuey Teow with Sambal Belacan @ RM 1.80
II ordered a glass of Iced Tea and it was reasonably priced at RM 1.50 . Taste wise, it was nothing much to shout about and my rating for that drink would be 6/10. Their Fried Kuey Teow however was better but it was a tad too oily for me. Another setback here is the air-conditioning that is just too cold and because of that, the food was also pretty cold. Taste wise, I would rate this plate of Fried Kuey Teow at 6/10. Reasonable prices however the food could have been better.

Address: 338, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours: 0800 - 1500 Monday - Saturday

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Kung Fu Restaurant @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Kung Fu Restaurant is one of those few Chinese Restaurants in Cyberjaya that serves non Halal food. They are located on the 4th Floor (P3A) of Shaftsbury Square which is located quite close to MDEC building. I have always wanted to visit this restaurant but never had the right company. Today seemed just perfect as I had someone with me who very much enjoys non Halal food and that being the case, we decided on giving this place a try. 

Kung Fu Restaurant
This restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Their waiters are mostly foreigners and at times, communication seemed to be a problem. Otherwise, their service levels are pretty good. The overall ambiance and cleanliness was good too. 

The above are just a few pages from their menu and they seem to have a comprehensive menu. Prices of the one dish meals seems to be reasonable but those single dishes are definitely premium prices. Nevertheless, being one of the few non Halal options in Cyberjaya, the prices seem acceptable. Moreover, they do have a handful of specialty dishes which are quite famous as well

Barley In Wonderland @ RM 4.50

Claypot Peanut Spare Ribs @ RM 17.00
Barley In Wonderland is pretty much hot Barley with some Fu Chok. The concoction was good and it wasn't too sweet. The thickness was just right as well. My rating for this shall be 8/10. Their Claypot Peanut Spare Ribs tasted very much like Bak Kut Teh. A very blend of broth and it was pretty tasty. I enjoyed that broth very much and the ribs too were meaty. Another dish that deserves a rating of 8/10. 

Minced Pork HongKong Choy Sam @ RM 15.00

Preserved Vegetable & Pork Belly @ RM 15.90

Bitter Gourd Spare Ribs Soup @ RM 8.90
Minced Pork with Hong Kong Choy Sam was another dish that was lovely. The minced pork itself had some amazing flavours and the veggie was delicious as well. As a total dish, it truly had some wonderful flavours. 8/10 shall be my rating for this dish. Preserved Vegetable & Pork Belly was extremely good. The entire dish come with just the right ingredients and they all played their part in boosting the taste of this dish. Definitely a dish that I would highly recommend. My rating for this shall be 9/10. Their Bitter Gourd Spare Ribs Soup was another excellent preparation. The Bitter Gourd did not overpower the flavours and the ribs were chunky and juicy. Another one that I would rate at 9/10.  

Our Bill For The Evening
If you're looking for a good Cantonese restaurant in Cyberjaya, I would recommend Kung Fu Restaurant. They have a huge variety on their menu and some of their specialty dishes are really good. Speedy services as well. 

Address: P3A-12 & P3A-13, Shaftsbury Square, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor. 

Business Hours: 1100 - 2200 (Mon - Sat)
                             Closed on Sundays 

Friday, 6 April 2018

KLIA Fei Lou Wan Tan Mee @ Sepang, Selangor

KLIA Fei Lou Wan Tan Mee is a very famous stall that draws customers from afar. They have been on my list of must visit places for a while now. It is due to the location and timing that I was never able to visit them. This morning, we made it a point to have breakfast at this stall and head out early to KLIA. 

Downtown KLIA

The Stall Becomes Crowded During Lunch

The Humble Stall

Price List
This stall is located inside Chatterfield area and it is also known as Downtown KLIA. It's not difficult to find this stall. You could use either Google Maps or Waze and they would accurately bring you to the doorstep. It is best to come early as their food tends to get sold out very quickly. For example, if you come during lunch hours, you would be surprised that you may need to wait for a long time before even being able to find a place to sit. That is the kind of business that this humble stall deals with on a daily basis. We were here at around 10.30 am and the place was already reasonably crowded. The majority of their customers at that hour were taxi drivers. As it neared 11.30 am, we could see the sudden increase of customers and by 12 noon, they were literally full house. 

Iced Coffee

Siew Yuk
Their Iced Coffee was truly marvellous. It was so good, so much so, the both of us had three glasses each. That was how good it was. So perfectly crafted and it would definitely be one that I would rate at 10/10. Another preparation that is in high demand at this stall would be their Siew Yuk. This again was just perfect. The tender and juicy meat complimented well with the crispy crust and it was heavenly. This is something that definitely deserves a rating of 9/10. 

Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew

Dumplings In Clear Soup
The top seller here is of course their Wan Tan Mee and this you could have with either Char Siew, Siew Yuk or even Chicken on the sides. Along with this, comes a small bowl of dumplings in clear soup. The Wan Tan Mee truly was really good. I loved the springy egg noodles and they were very generous with the sauces. This also comes with some beansprouts on the sides. I would rate their Wan Tan Mee at 9/10. Their Char Siew is a little on the fatty side. So, if you do not like yours to be fatty, then I would suggest switching it with their Siew Yuk or Chicken. My rating for their Char Siew would be 7/10. The Dumplings were again pretty good and that too deserves a rating of 9/10. 

KLIA Fei Lou Wan Tan Mee is a stall that truly lives up to it's reputation. Their Wan Tan Mee is so good so much so customers come seeking for this dish from afar. The place is mostly crowded and do be prepared to stand in line before even getting a place to sit. My recommendation would be to come early for breakfast as then you get to avoid the queue. Another must try here would be their Siew Yuk and Iced Coffee. Truly amazing ones. 

Address: Downtown KLIA, 64000 Sepang, Selangor. 

Business Hours: 0600 - 1500 Daily

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Restoran Basil Leaves @ Kajang, Selangor

Restoran Basil Leaves is a very popular South Indian Restaurant in Kajang. I have blogged about this restaurant numerous times. Despite that, whenever I come across a unique dish that I feel that I should share, I would always come up with another blog entry. This evening, my entry is about another very good dish that I had recently tried at this restaurant. 

Nice Design And Clean
This restaurant occupies two shop lots and they are fully air-conditioned. One thing that I very much like about this restaurant is the variety that they have on their menu. The other thing would be the cleanliness. Of course, prices are not cheap and at the same time, I won't deem them to be expensive too. Very affordable and they are truly worth it. 

Mutton Fried Rice @ RM 12.50

Very Generous With The Mutton
This is the first time that I am trying their Mutton Fried Rice and I found it to be quite impressive. For RM 12.50 , the portions were huge and they were very generous with the mutton. The Fried Rice was spicy and it has some very bold flavours. Being a mutton fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish and my rating for this dish shall be 8/10. 

Bri Coffee @ RM 2.60
After a delicious meal, having a cup of Bru Coffee is a must and this again is a drink that is perfectly fixed at this restaurant. This definitely deserves a rating of 9/10. 

My Bill For The Day
If you're a fan of mutton, I would recommend giving their Mutton Fried Rice a try. It's a mildly spicy dish and comes with lots of mutton and spices. Their price may be slightly on the high side but it is truly worth it. Highly recommended. 

Address: No. 85GG & 87GH, Jalan TKS 1, Taman Kajang Sentral, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0700 - 2230 Daily

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Kopitiam 80 Restaurant @ Bandar Saujana Putra, Selangor

Kopitiam 80 Restaurant is a relatively new restaurant that had recently commenced business in Bandar Saujana Putra. This restaurant is located on the new side of Bandar Saujana Putra which is closer to MAHSA University. 

The Restaurant Located Along Jalan SP 1/2

Stir Fry Stall
During the day, there are many other stalls that are open and the main operators does Chinese Mixed Rice variety. In the evening, there are only a handful of stalls that are open. We were here quite late and it was almost 10 pm. At that hour, even the other stalls had closed off for the day and the only stall that was open was this stall that you could see in the above photograph. Since we were already here, we decided to give this stall a try. They do have the usual single dishes as well but we decided to go for a couple of dishes since we were quite hungry. 

Egg Fu Yong @ RM 7.00

Ginger & Onions Stir Fried Chicken @ RM 13.00
It wasn't too long a wait since there were not many customers at that hour and the dishes arrived pretty fast. The first one to be served was the Egg Fu Yong which was priced at RM 7.00 . The preparation was decent and it came with a number of commonly found ingredients. Not too oily as well and it was to our liking. I would rate this dish at 8/10. The next dish to arrive was the Ginger & Onions Stir Fried Chicken and this was priced at RM 13.00 . To be honest, the preparation looked a little off as we were expecting the dry version. This one came with lots of sauces and the chicken bits seemed to be floating there. Taste wise, the broth was quite bland and close to being tasteless. The chicken bits too were not crisp. My rating for this dish shall be 3/10. 

Salted Egg Squid @ RM 13.00

Sweet & Sour Pork @ RM 13.00
The Salted Egg Squid was another dish that I felt that was off. It was too soggy and the cuttlefish had to be crisp and here, that was just not the case. It totally lacked the crunch that it should have had. I would only give this dish 5/10. Their Sweet& Sour Pork was better. Not to say that it was great, but it was better than the last two dishes. Again, the crunch that should have come from the pork was lacking but the sauces saved the dish. My rating for this shall be 7/10. 

We tried the stall that is open in the evenings at this restaurant and to be honest, the food was just so so. There was not one dish that captivated us and the majority of the dishes that we had tried was way below our expectations. 

Address: Jalan SP 1/2, Bandar Saujana Putra, 42610 Jenjarom, Selangor.

Business Hours: 1700 - 0000 Daily

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Restoran Delhi Grill @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

This is my third visit to Delhi Grill Restaurant that is located in Cyberjaya, Selangor. The food has been consistently good and I hope that it remains like this in the years to come. This restaurant is owned by Value Bazaar and they have another outlet in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Each visit here, we have been ordering some common food items and some new food items and mostly, they have been really good. Since I was with a client, I decided to bring them over for dinner since I was reasonably convinced that this place does serve some good food. 

Aloo Paratha @ RM 4.00 each

Mutton Handi @ RM 19.00
Their Aloo Paratha is one of the best that I have tasted and each visit here, it is a compulsory item for me. The filling is really thick and even one bread fills you up. The texture was really soft and their spicy Masala Potato filling was heavenly. My rating for this bread is 10/10. Mutton Handi is a new dish that I am trying for the first time at this restaurant. The mutton cuts were just the right size and the gravy that came along with it was mildly spicy, had a deep bold flavour and went so well with the mutton. Truly perfect to have with the bread. My rating for this dish shall be 8/10. 

Tandoori Chicken @ RM 16.00

Masala Chai @ RM 2.25
All this while, I could not taste their grilled items simply because their grill was broken. Glad that they had finally got it fixed and we had the opportunity to taste their Tandoori Chicken. The portion was decent for the price and I loved the marination. The meat was so well done and it was so tender and juicy. Definitely a very good Tandoori Chicken and my rating for this shall be 9/10. Their Masala Chai is another favourite of mine and I do not miss it whenever I am here. As always, it was perfectly fixed. The blend was bold and the masala wasn't overpowering. 9/10 would be my rating for this. 

Our Bill For The Evening
Overall, I find the food here to be pretty good and their prices are quite reasonable. From the dishes that we tried this evening, their Aloo Paratha and Tandoori Chicken were the best followed by their Mutton Handi. Not forgetting their Masala Chai which again was excellent. For good North Indian food in Cyberjaya, I would recommend Delhi Grill. 

Address: F-8-1, Block F, Jalan Glomac 3, Glomac Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0800 - 2200 Daily

Monday, 2 April 2018

Puchong Yong Tau Fu @ Puchong, Selangor

There has been so many positive reviews about this Yong Tau Fu place that is located in Kampung Baru Puchong and it would be a shame if I had not visited this restaurant knowing that the food was really good. After so many postponements, we finally made it for lunch this afternoon. 

The Restaurant Located Along Jalan Tembusu

Parking Is Conveniently Available Along The Road

Business Hours

The Main Preparation Area
This restaurant is not too difficult to locate. You could either Waze for the street name or even the restaurants name, but just be careful not to be confused with another Yong Tau Fu restaurant that is located along the next street. The latter is also good in it's own way and has some specialty dishes as well and I would certainly share a blog post on that eatery sometime soon. Parking is convenient and you could easily get bays to park along the street. This eatery is open from 11 am till 9.30pm from Tuesdays to Sundays. Do note that the place becomes crowded during peak hours and it is best that you take that into consideration. No point in coming all the way only to realise that you have to stand for half an hour waiting for a table. The set up is simple. Just head over to the counter that you see in the above photograph and select your items and place them in a basket. The workers would prepare your orders and send over to the once ready.  


Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 1.00 per piece

Chi Pao Kai (Paper Wrapped Chicken) @ RM 5.00 each
In a matter of minutes, the sauces as well as the cutlery were laid on the table. We knew that it would take them a while to prepare the Yong Tau Fu as there were so many orders and things were being freshly made and that would certainly take a while. So, we had also ordered 2 pieces of Chee Cheong Fun and 2 Chi Pao Kai. These are the other two items that you have got to try here. Their Chee Cheong Fun was good. Very basic preparation and it was tasty. They were fresh as well and my rating for this shall be 8/10. Their Chi Pao Kai however was simply fabulous. It came packed with a burst of flavours and they seemed to be very generous with the ingredients. I can certainly say that this is the best Paper Wrapped Chicken that I have ever tasted.10/10 would be my rating for this.

Fried Yong Tau Fu @ RM 1.70 per piece

Yang Tau Fu @ RM 1.70 per piece
We tried a variety of Yong Tau Fu, both the dry fried version as well as the soup version. Personally, I found the Dry Fried Yong Tau Fu to be just okay. Not to say that it was overwhelming. In fact, I found it to be below my expectations and the pungent oil taste was just not right. The Soup one however were good. The soup itself was great and the Yong Tau Fu were fresh and tasty. I would rate the Fried Dry Yong Tau Fu at 5/10 and the Soup Yong Tau Fu at 8/10. 

Our Bill
This is definitely one good Yong Tau Fu restaurant that you have got to visit. The Yong Tau Fu is fresh and it is reasonably priced. Their Chee Cheong Fun was also good. The highlight of our meal was the Chi Pao Kai (Paper Wrapped Chicken) which was the best that I have ever tasted. That was so amazingly good and I have never come across one that can even come close to it taste wise. A must try at this restaurant. 

Address: Lot 105, Jalan Tembusu, Kampung Baru Puchong, Batu 14, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Business Hours: 1100 - 2130 Tuesday - Sunday